Toothman’s Advices

Take a photo of
your child’s teeth before
they start wearing the Machouyou
and then again three months later.
Advices to stop the sucking habits

While you’re waiting for the Machouyou, you can create a small box (for example by taking a shoe box) and you can decorate it with your child.
When you give your child the Machouyou, they can put their soother away for good in the little box, along with their baby things.
As long as the pacifier is available there will be no improvement.

It is important to stop:
thumb, baby bottle, pacifier, lollipop.
For a good adoption

– Look at our vidéo
whith your child
– Explain the benefits of using the “big boy pacifier”
Nursery rhyme

of Machouyou

“Mon doudou, Lapinou,
Tu viens dans ma bouche, mon Machouyou,
Mon doudou, Lapinou,
Tu viens dans ma bouche, mon Machouyou,
T’aimes les carottes, tu es tout orange,
Tu répares les dents, c’est très important.”
Aaron du blog Un peu 2 nous
Machouyou is to be used with the tongue on the palate, lips closed, mouth quiet, ball centered.
The tip of the tongue have to rests against the palate where the tongue touches when we say “la la la”.
That is the area where the nipple and thumb supported before.
We must not bite the Machouyou, a simple pressure of the teeth enough. It’s not a teething ring or a chewing-gum.
It’s quite normal for the Machouyou to fall out during sleep. You can use the Machouyou as often as you want to and sleep with it.