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MachouRelax is a dental relaxation gutter for adults. It consists of a tongue rest, a smooth surface and puts the teeth end to end.

Machourelax est indiqué pour :

  • reduce snoring and sleep apnea
  • protect teeth from night grinding (bruxism) and reduce neck tension
  • helps re-educate tongue and swallowing
  • orthodontic treatment starter and finisher.

With MachouRelax, nasal breathing is favored for relaxation and optimal recovery.

78% * of users recommend it to those around them. (* Medical study on 58 patients, Summer 2019)

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Usage tips

To wear in the evening when falling asleep and during the night.

In the mouth: closed lips and tongue on the palate, quiet breathing through the nose.

The regularity of the port of MachouRelax will make the treatment successful.



Made of medical approved silicone and food coloring, it is made in France.
One size from 16 years, Ice Mint color.