Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can Machouyou be used?

Machouyou is designed for children from 2 years.

Can it be used for stopping the thumb?

Machouyou helps to wean teat and thumb. Think of putting a piece of tape on your thumb when you go to bed, if your child throws his thumb into the mouth in the night, he will feel a difference.

For a child of 8 years, does Machouyou work?

It is recommended for milk teeth, ideally from 2 to 6 years but its size allows it to be used for weaning well after 6 years. For alignment it is better to plan a consultation with an orthodontist.

Can we sleep with?

Machouyou is to use 1 hour a day and night, to fall asleep.

Will not my child suffocate with it? Swallow it?

The size of machouyou is about 5 cm x 5 cm. Too big to be swallowed.

Is it not one addiction replaced by another?

Indeed the suction is addictive but with machouyou the reflex of suction is stopped, and the mastication does not lead to addiction. The language is liberated, it is to be put on the palate. The solid and crunchy diet is recommended, with alternate biliary chewing. Each bite is chewed from right to left and vice versa before swallowing. This good mastication will allow the alignment of the teeth. The machouyou will be abandoned quickly (3 months are enough to close the gaps in general).

My child does not want Machouyou, how to make him accept?

Introduce him as the big boy’s teat that will allow him to have pretty teeth. Take a look atToothman’s advice page, directions for use page.

How long to receive our order?

Orders are processed on the same day, or within 3 days, and are then sent by La Poste, in a bubble envelope that passes into a mailbox. Count 2-3 days after the mail mail to receive it. Rarely the Post takes a little longer to deliver.

My child stopped the pacifier on its own and with the teeth aligned, why use the machouyou?

Make sure your child does not move his or her tongue between his or her incisors during each swallowing. Sometimes the alignment of the teeth is correct but a space exists between the teeth of the top and bottom, creating a gap. Machouyou will be able to remedy this by using it 1 hour a day, during quiet moments and in the evening to fall asleep.

Do you ship abroad?

We deliver everywhere!

How much are the shipping costs?

France: 3,50 € / 5,90 € with tracking – free delivery from 100 €
Europe: 3,50 € / 5,90 € with tracking
Overseas territories and World: 6,50 € / 8,90 € with tracking

What is the material of the products?

Our products are silicone (therefore BPA-free) and the machouyou orange dye is food.

Where are Machouyou products made?

Machouyou is made in the South of France.

How long is a machouyou?

For weaning 1 machouyou will suffice, and for alignment in 3 months, a second will surely be useful. Now if your child takes it for a teething ring, the machouyou with a hardness of 50 Shores will be damaged very quickly by the bites of the small pointed teeth that are the teeth of milk!

How to use the machouyou?

It is to be used as much as the teat or the thumb it replaces, with at least 1 hour per day (which can be divided) and It is to be put in the evening when falling asleep. Of course, all sucks are to be stopped, the morning’s bottle will be replaced by a solid breakfast and a drink in a glass or a cup.

Can we use Miss Brossette toothbrush?

Its silicone pimples are supple, they are used for massage of the gums. For the first baby brushing it will be useful but for a regular brushing of the teeth of adults, better is a toothbrush.

How to use Miss Brossette?

Miss Brossette is to put on the finger of the adult to massage the gums at the time of the dental flares, with or without gingival gel. Then, it will be used to learn about brushing. For all, it is used to put a gingival gel during bobos, or to massage the painful gums and to take care of mouth.

Can an adult use machouyou?

An adult can use the machouyou for the weaning of the thumb, tongue to the palate (see the instructions for use and advice of dentman on the positioning of the tongue). On the other hand it will be short in the mouth and will not allow the alignment of the teeth. A consultation with an orthodontist will be necessary.